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Opt Twitter Bootstrap for Developing Website Design More Responsive
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Twitter Bootstrap for Developing Website Design More Responsive

Opt Twitter Bootstrap is one the popular front-end frameworks for creating responsive web applications and websites design. It is a free collection of tools, which contains CSS and HTML-based templates especially for navigations, buttons, forms, typography and other useful interfaces along with JavaScript extensions. This is a demanding project on Github and it has been used by MSNBC and NASA.

Opt Twitter Bootstrap for Developing Website Design More Responsive

Developed by Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto, Twitter Bootstrap has earned a great fame across the world. Before its development, many libraries were used for interface development, which increased maintenance cost or burden and led to the inconsistencies.

What is meaning of “Responsiveness” in website design?

When we heard the word “Responsive” in the context of the website, first thing that comes in mind is that it should be compatible with all kind of devices and web browsers. The demand of making website responsive is consistently rising in order to provide ease of readability to the valuable customers. Responsiveness allows visitors to read online content in different environments.

Using CSS3 and HTML5, this trend is increasing day by day in the web development industry. But, the imperative thing is the requirement of an experienced website developer to fulfill the significant project needs.

Well! There is no need to worry any more about Twitter Bootstrap, because it is a superhero in the arena of CSS frameworks and truly helps in creating responsive websites for your appreciation.

Categorize each responsive web page carefully in detail

An Overview: WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS

WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS allows you to add all the CSS and JavaScript libraries of Twitter Bootstrap into your WordPress website. Twitter Boostrap is a simple CSS and JavaScript framework, which helps developers boost their website design and its functionalities rapidly. In order to make your site accessible over most of the browsers, it is a good approach to have a powerful underlying CSS definition.

With the latest WordPress Twitter Bootstrap plug-ins, you don’t need to do:

  • Manual edition of WordPress themes
  • All the latest downloaded Twitter Bootstrap libraries are automatically updated by the system
  • Manual writing of HTML code to make use of Bootstrap components in an effective manner

Comprehensive Advantages of WordPress Twitter Bootstrap

  • You can easily keep your website updated by using its automatically updated feature.
  • Customize and Pre-compile your web design, because they have integrated a LESS compiler so that it allows you to customize your own bootstrap design from your WordPress website.
  • The shortcodes have the utmost importance in number of ways and help you making website look really awesome and high visual appearance.
  • Enhance the number of visitors to your site using Bootstrap plug-ins.
  • Addition of optional CSS libraries and optimization of site is easy to be done.

How to create a responsive WordPress theme via Twitter Bootstrap?

Through this blog, I am going to explain you about how to create responsive website design using Bootstrap on your own. It is a great starting point for those, who are beginners in the same industry. There is no need to build theme from the scratch, the theme, which we are going to create is completely based on the website marketing fundamentals. And, some of the pages that can be developed are:

  • Contact Page
  • Custom Home page
  • About us Page
  • A widgetized sidebar
  • News section including comments

Before starting work on it, do some important things like:

Install WordPress, download & unzip Twitter Bootstrap and finally install the Theme Test Drive Plug-in carefully.

Turn your all Bootstrap files into WordPress templates

Include following files of WordPress themes, which are:

  • index.php
  • header.php
  • Sidebar.php
  • Style.css
  • footer.php

We can see a number of files apart from these, however, you need to pay more attention towards these important files.

  • Creating WordPress Homepage carefully, because most of things of the website depend on it
  • Add navigations and content, but ensure that content is fresh, unique, informative and towards the goal
  • Spend considerable amount of time in creating header and update it timely
  • Add some more code in function.php file in order to widgetize the theme and sidebar


Follow the above-mentioned guidelines for building one of the finest responsive WordPress theme with Bootstrap. And, I hope that this post will offer you great help in creating the most effective theme.

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