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Top 5 Premium Bootstrap Skins of 2014

Today we are going to discuss about some premium bootstrap skins of 2014. Bootstrap is a framework developed by Twitter which is very easy to use. All you need to do is just drop in the pre-complied CSS in your project and it’s done! The Bootstrap is built with LESS, a flexible pre-processor which gives much more power and flexibility that regular CSS, making is more than just a toolset of CSS and HTML conventions. This style of code works and displays well for iOS devices and other such devices, complementing the flow of responsive design.

Updated on 18/04/2016

Creative Bootstrap skins

The Bootstrap Skins mentioned in the list are some of the most premium skins on offer on the web; they have been selected by a panel of experts and have got 5 star rating in our selection criteria. These bootstrap skins offer you a huge range of different styles, colors and options that can help in enriching the overall design and appearance of your website.

Elemento – Bootstrap Skin

Elemento is a bootstrap skin, meaning it can be used for any website built with the bootstrao framework. The Bootstrap skin comes with an easy installation procedure and customization as it uses LESS files.

Effecto – Premium bootstrap skin

Effecto is a premium bootstrap skin having bright and crisp colors. Effecto bootstrap skin can be used for any websites built with bootstrap framework. Effecto uses latest CSS3 overwrite to the existing bootstrap framework. Effecto css file is only overwrite file to the existing bootstrap framework, so that bootstrap framework can be updated easily.

Seasamo – Bootstrap skin

Seasamo is a bootstrap skin that can be used for any websites built with bootstrap framework. This skin is based on a flat style with more spaced components. There’s no overwritten rules or bloating CSS, making a lightweight skin as Boostrap is itself.

Infinitystrap – Flat Bootstrap skin

InfinityStrap is a flat design Bootstrap Skin with a lot of customisation options ready to use on your website. This skin takes its inspiration from Vertical Infinity UI and also extends the styles directly applied to Bootstrap files.

Extrastrap – Deluxe bootstrap skin

Extrastrap bootstrap skin is based on a flat design and also extends the styles directly applied to Bootstrap files. There are no overwritten rules or bloating CSS, making ExtraStrap a lightweight Bootstrap skin.

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