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11+ Best Free WireFrame and Mockup Tools

September 30, 2015 - By 

In this article we will show 11+ best free wireframe and mockup tools which will help you to create new design concept or a prototype. Wireframe tools make your task easier to understand the design and layout positions. It save lot of time as it help to make you understand and your client what will be the design look like and its element placement.You can use this free wireframe and mockup tools for single website and if you want to proceed with more options then you can also pay monthly basis.

I love to use this mockup tools which give me good understanding of website flow and client also doesn’t trouble because he get understand how the website will be. Tools also helps to expand your ideas of design and give bigger picture also helps to avoid mistakes .

So check out the best free mockup and wireframe tools here.


A completely free tool for personal use with all mockup features you can get your hands on. You must subscribe to the application if you are doing commercial projects and its worth every penny.


Register for free to start using this web application for creating cool mockups in any browser and share with anyone. Export to jpg, png and svg in seconds and create professional-quality flowcharts, Org charts, UML diagrams, Network diagrams, Wireframes, Technical drawings and more.


Too awesome web application which only has 30 day free trail but you will start using it since it has the best features for any wire framing tool available online today. Finalize the work at the end of the day with a high fidelity solid prototyping features on this web app.

MockFlow – Online Wireframe Tool

Mockflow is a simple website wireframe tool which lets you create blueprints, mockups of websites like drupal, WordPress, mockup app wireframe, software GUI in a matter of minutes. Adding a new project in mockflow wireframe tool is pretty easy as you can choose between web, mobile and theme based options.

Balsamiq Mockups – Offline and Online Tool

Balsamiq wireframe tool is available for download to all operating systems. It also provides a web mockup application for online wireframe project creation provided by Balsamic team. A trial version is available for 7 days to test this software by yourself.

MockingBird Wireframe Online Tool

This online application allows a free plan with 1 project and 10 pages. A website wireframe tool essential for creating mock-ups for website with all web elements in one place. Share your mocks with your friends and export them to psd or png files as you like.

Minimal Wireframe Tool _ Online Tool

This wireframe tool is build for super fast mockup creation online. Start creating your simple projects with this online tool for desktop browser, mobiles, tablet with pre defined templates.


This is a mobile app wireframe tool that is designed to help manage projects for developers, designers or project managers. It can be downloaded for desktop as this software is available for all operating system and for a trial period of 14 days.

Justinmind – Free WireFraming Prototyper

As it claims this wireframe prototyper is rich in features and provides a completely free lite edition for project management. Create unlimited projects, pages and this offline tool provides interactive widget selection for android, ios and ipad apps along with web apps.

Axure – Wireframe Software Tool

Wireframing, prototyping options to create your designs before making live code is possible with Axure. With wireframe support for mobiles, websites, tablets this tool can be perfect for project management of your latest projects.


Manage Design, content, notes or any resources project with ease with jumpchart online tool.

FrameBox – Online WireFrame Tool

A minmail wireframe tool with little features which might catch your interest. The project is saved online and a link is provided to view the project next time.


15+ HTML Free Form Builder Tools

April 9, 2014 - By 

Freebies stuff for your web design and development Free HTML Form Builder tools that helps you create any type of form.

Every Website need form so that user or customer can inquire about product or any query related to business. So there are many Cool Tools out there for Free HTML Form Builder which helps you to Create any type Form just by drag and drop, you just need to add your email id where you want to receive email after that it will create small java-script which you have to add in your website that’s all you needed to create form which few seconds. Their are some features to customize like color, display type and different field types input you can set accordingly and you are good to go to make your client impress.Hope you will love them all.

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Premium Form Builder Tools

Updated on 19/04/2016

Accessify Form Builder

Free Form Builder for Html

Jotform Html Form Builder

PFORMS Form Builder

Reformed Form Builder

123Contact Form Builder

Zoho Form Creator

Formstack Form Builder

FormLogix Form Builder

Wufoo Online Form Builder

FormSite Form Builder

FormSmart Form Builder

Arclab Web Form Builder

Adobe Formcentral


25+ Free Optimize Website Speed Tools

March 16, 2014 - By 

User need Better Browsing Experience and this Free Website Speed tools Helps your out to optimize, Test, Check Website Speed.

We have gathered Free Website Speed tools which will help you out to increase speed for your website easily. This tools are really great to provide you each steps to increase speed for your SEO optimize and User Browsing Experience. This Website Speed Tools Provide you Complete details information about your website and you just need follow steps to rectify those steps. There are hundred of reasons factors which slow down your site and this is really hard to find out without the help of this Website Tools.Some Common Factors are CSS, Javascript, Images and many more.

Premium Tools for Optimize Website Speed

Updated on 19/04/2016

Free Neustar’s Performence Test

Test Web-Page

Website Load Test

Pingdom-Speed Tester

Online Page Speed

Site Timer

Load.in Speed Test

Web Wait Speed Testes

Website Goodies

Dot Com Website Monitoring

Analyzer Of Web Page

Insight Page Speed by Google

Speed Checker(SEOmastering.com)

Load Faster Speed Tester

Show Slow

Online Website Test by LoadImpact

GTmetrix-Speed Testing Tool

OOKLA Speed test

Rapid-SearchMetrics Speed Test

Web-Tool Hub

Speed Test Tool(free)

Source Forge

Gomez web Page Speed Checker

Testing Tool(Website)

Performence & Speed Testing(multi mechanize)

Vertain Website Speed Test Tool


25 Powerful Free Color Combination Tools for Graphic Designers

July 14, 2013 - By 

In this post we will show you 25 powerful free color combination tools for graphic designers and web designers. If you are web designer or developer and if would you like to custom color combos, today we have collected and amazing collections for you. All tools 100% free for online usage, you can just edit and change your custom color combinations. Take control of colors with the intuitive 3D color scope. There are powerful tools for extracting from images, adjusting with blends, making precise edits, or generating fresh ideas with randomized palettes.

Here are we listed 25 tools free color combinations for our dear Weblees readers. Please don’t forget to share your freebie tools with us. Let’s see 25 Powerful Free Color Combination Tools for Graphic Designers with small screens listed below. Enjoy.

Premium color Combination Tools for Graphic Designers

Updated on 14/04/2016


Color Calculator

Easy RGB

Color Combos

Color Mixers





Color Palette Generator



Color Grab


Color Hunter


Color Palette Software


Color Combinations

Hex Color Scheme

Check My Color

Colors On The Web


Color Wizard

Color Scheme